Hi there, my name is Jamie. I am a young filmmaker, though I call myself a visual storyteller, and an avid lover of sustainability. My goal is to promote and advocate for the sustainable lifestyle in an easy, non-judgemental way that, most importantly, is accessible to all (even those in cities). What I DO NOT advocate for is being perfect or not feeling good enough because of it. I am not by any means the most sustainable person, I still make so many mistakes. The thing is, I am passionate about the cause and truly want to be a better human with an impact that is minimal, yet powerful.

I grew up in Helsinki, Finland, which as some of you may know is a notably "green" city. In Finland, recycling is huge, water treatment is extremely advanced, eating food made from what you got from the forest is apart of what Finnish food is all about. The most notable part of Finland that I want to highlight is the concept of "everyman's right". In Finland you can go to any forest and camp freely, along with this goes picking berries and foraging without fear of being on private property or not having a camping permit. While I have never been the forest-y type, I spent every summer at the lake with my dad. He taught me a lot about what it means to live off the earth. As for my mom, she's always been a green machine. She taught me what it means to live a mindful life, she's a life-long vegetarian and yogi. I guess with this mix, my love of sustainability was quite literally in my cards. 

I am also half from the United States, which showed me the concept of excess. Everything is big, cars, homes, food plates. I realized early on that throwing away half a plate of food was not good, using disposable plates felt wrong and gas-guzzling cars are not worth it. I used to always buy a lot when I was in the US, which made my journey into conscious consuming that much more difficult. I'm on the other side now and can appreciate other parts of the US that I did not before. I drove through the Arizona desert and looked at the stars, gazed at the crashing waves off the California coast, where were these when I was too busy in all of the malls?!

I currently live in Paris and am learning the French way of living low waste. Paris is a great city for sustainability with the bike paths, and love for artisanal, French-made products (shop local!) I began my journey in Paris at the American University of Paris, where I met professors that changed my life. My classes ranged from anthropology to Italian cinema, and in all, I learned lessons that combined help me tell stories from a unique perspective. All of this with a little pup by my side, she taught me that even an old sock is better than a brand new toy.


About Author

Jamie Nyqvist is a visual storyteller with a passion for telling stories that evoke change. 


Jamie is currently living and studying in Paris all the while learning the ropes to becoming a more sustainable and ethical human.


My interest in sustainability all began when I was asked to make a short explainer video for my principles of video production class. I wanted to make this video on a topic that I hadn't explored before. That's when I found the zero waste / plastic-free movement. I did a lot of research and came up with my 1-minute 10-second video about the zero-waste lifestyle and the problem with trash. From then on out, I was hooked.


I then took a class with a professor who led a practicum in Auroville, India, she spoke to me about it and I was immediately interested. Auroville is an experimental township in the south of India that focuses on human unity but moreover is extremely progressive in all things sustainable. All trash is recycled and the entire town has water stations with clean water, which cuts down on single-use plastic bottles. Other than falling in love with the country, while in India I learned a lot about the 2020 Sustainable Development goals, but more importantly what it actually means to be a sustainable enterprise. 


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Paris, France


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