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6 reasons you have nothing to wear (and 20 essential pieces you need to fix that)

Updated: Jun 1, 2020

We have all been in that place. Digging through the closet and only wanting to wear an outfit you know you have worn too many times. Here is a way to be more mindful when you buy.

It takes me so long to pick out an outfit, which makes me want to shop for new clothes. Having a full closet doesn't mean this process will be easier. While cleaning out my closet I donated so many bags of clothes, this made me a bit sad because I could have avoided being wasteful if I was more mindful in the beginning.

1. Your pieces are outdated

While you may have a closet full of clothes, let's be real - when is the last time you wore any of them? I used to be obsessed with crop tops, but now I'm well into my 20s and honestly haven't worn a crop top since I was 19. I keep on thinking maybe I'll wear it, well spoiler, I never do. This also applies for clothes that were super trendy a few years back ad have never made a comeback. It's alright to have bought them, just don't feel tied to clothes that you will not wear.

2. You don't think about color

I love an all-black outfit as much as the next girl until it's all I wear every day. Where's the color? No clue. Think about what colors you have in your closet and how you would be able to style them. I don't think navy and black go together, so when half my closet is in black and I own a navy jacket, that navy jacket gets pushed aside every time I reach for a jacket. I also bought a red purse, which made it hard since it was the only red piece of clothing I owned and didn't go with any other color I wore.

3. Nothing matches

You don't shop with a color purpose. What changed my life is having three colors that my wardrobe is made up of. One-two colors would be one that I consider a statement. Everything just matches. In my personal closet, I love a pop of red. As I mentioned before, I owned only one red item, that isn't a problem anymore.

4. Unplanned purchases

Kind of like going into a store with one item in mind and leaving with 50 a.k.a going to the supermarket hungry. If you didn't want it before, why did you want it now? Know what you are going for before you buy it, and at least have 10 outfits you would be comfortable wearing it with. It seems like a lot, but when you get to thinking of the pieces you have at home it becomes clear where that "need to buy" item fits in.

5. Shy of the buy

Maybe it's just me, but I used to be afraid to buy the same piece of clothing in several colors. Maybe it was the commitment or fearing that my outfits will look too similar. Now that I have gotten over it, it makes styling outfits a breeze. I know I'm comfortable in the fit, which means I'm bound to wear it. I own 3 long sleeve turtlenecks and I rotate them a little more than I'd like to admit.

6. All statement

Your closet shrinks in size when everything you own is loud. It's also difficult to wear a statement piece daily, so if you're not comfortable having everyone know you wear the same shirt a few days in a row (hey, we've all been there!) maybe stick to neutrals. Now I'm not saying that I don't recycle the same shirt, it's just because of how plain it is, it blends in well. At least I hope it does.

Tops in neutral colors

1. T-shirt

2. Classic sweater

3. Long sleeve turtle neck

4. Tank top bodysuit

5. White button up


1. Black jeans

2. Blue jeans

3. Nice pants

Dresses and rompers

1. Little black dress

2. Full-length romper


1. Blazer

2. Leather Jacket

3. Long coat

Accessories in one metal

1. Short necklace

2. Simple ring

3. Small hoop earrings

4. Basic handbag


1. Neutral heels

2. Sneakers

3. Neutral flats

And that's it, pay attention to these six tips next time you go shopping and you'll have a closet full of only wearable outfits!

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