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6 Sustainable Websites to Help You Get Started

Updated: Jun 27, 2020

Wanting to live more sustainably and have no idea where to start? These are my top websites in my roller deck to help get on track to sustainable living. There comes a time in all budding environmentalists to learn all they can about sustainability and the eco-friendly lifestyle.

For me, my favorite ally for my sustainable journey is Instagram. I found an amazing community with great posts on how to live a more intentional and green life.

Good on You

Good on You is a brand rating website that rates whether or not a brand is ethical and sustainable. Their rating system explains what a brand is doing to deserve that specific rating by looking at where a brand sources its materials, how they treat their workers, and even how they treat animals.

What separates this website from the rest is that it features not only sustainable and ethical brands, but also all of your "favorite" fast-fashion brands so that you can read up and see what they have been doing to become better. In the current climate of greenwashing, Good on You is a fresh breath of air allowing you to size up whether or not an initiative is truly worth investing in, or if it's better to choose another.

The Good Trade

As the name may suggest, The Good Trade is all about a good life. Posts include sustainability such as clothes and jewelry, but also they extend to topics such as personal growth. A great blog for self-betterment and a general lightness in your day. What I love most about the blog is that it's all about the positive side of things, so instead of focusing on what's wrong with the world, The Good Trade looks at how to make things better.

A highlight of The Good Trade is their daily newsletter "The Daily Good" that sends daily positive vibes straight into your inbox.

Pebble Magazine

UK-based Pebble magazine focusing on living, travel, and food. While I put them on a list of top sustainable websites, they do not want to be called that. Instead of focusing on the word sustainability, they view Pebble as a way to share and promote positive stories.

As for travel, they feature tips and tricks for traveling ecologically, but also have features on various places to take a guilt-free vacation. Their website also features sustainable city guides around the UK, which are an in-depth guide to the more sustainable side of these locations.

Ethical Made Easy

Their whole concept is about ethical fashion made easy, which they really do just that. All clothing pieces can be searched individually with their brand directory. You can search by category as I mentioned, but Ethical Made Easy also lets you shop by location and value. Sometimes we cannot have it all, not every brand has the possibility to tick all the boxes, so it's great if you know what values are most important to you (because supporting small businesses is equally important!) It comes in handy when you want to find specific clothing such as ethically made dresses or men's activewear.

The most useful article I found is, and it's perfect for beginners, every question you've ever had about ethical fashion, answered. This is a rundown of everything you need to know to understand ethical fashion.

Brightly Eco

Brightly is home to the #1 sustainable and eco-friendly podcast. For 30 minutes Brightly's founders speak about real actionable tips to live a more sustainable life. They even feature different guests on the show to provide a fresh perspective on various topics, definitely worth the listen. The website itself is all about conscious consuming and making an impact one step at a time. What I love about their website is the ability to really find brands that match your specific values. Other than consumption, their blog also features thoughtful pieces such as the impact of "fast furniture".

Trash is for Tossers

It wouldn't be a sustainable roundup without zero-waste queen Lauren Singer's blog Trash is for Tossers (TIFT). This is the blog that first inspired me to begin my sustainable journey. TIFT is a zero-waste oriented platform with all of your go-to recommendations to start a package free life. Zero-waste essentially means that nothing gets sent to the landfill.

Trash is for tossers all began with Lauren's attempt to live plastic-free for one year, anything that couldn't be recycled went into a mason jar. Through TIFT, you can find different zero-waste tips for all parts of your life, allowing you to really dive into your own pain points and live more consciously.

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