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9 Cheaper Zero-Waste Swaps to Make Today

When I say you can make these switches today, I really mean it. All of these products are available readily in-store and on the internet. Your every day is about to look a little more green, and even save money.

Here are the easiest swaps for single-use / plastic products that you use on a daily basis. I give you some suggestions to make starting this change easier, but an even better option is to shop locally. Stop by your local stores and see what they have to offer, you'd be surprised how easy sustainable alternatives are to find once you start to look.

1. Cotton pads

Replace with: cotton rounds

Cotton has a huge environmental impact, which is the first reason to ditch traditional cotton pads. The second is that they are single-use! This is where reusable makeup remover / "cotton" rounds come in. I found these bamboo fiber makeup remover rounds from Bambaw.

A bonus is that the cotton rounds come with wash-bags making it easier to wash your new bathroom essential.

2. Toilet paper?!

Replace with: Bidet

Yes, you heard me right! In the midst of the 2020 toilet paper crisis, a savior has been found. A bidet attachment is actually a cleaner way to clean up! The premise is the same with hands, what do you do when they get dirty? Do you wash them? Or just wipe them down.

I recently discovered this great brand through Instagram. Say hello to Tushy, a bidet attachment that will fit right into your home decor. Talk about a score.

3. Feminine hygiene products

Replace with: menstrual cup / reusable pad / period underwear

This is THE easiest swap for the ladies out there. In fact, this was the first zero-waste swap I ever made. I have been using menstrual cups for 6-years and can't imagine going back! Lunette has been my go-to brand!

For those of you not ready to take the plunge, there are other options as well. Thinx is a company that makes

I also want to highlight the cloth pad and a brand that does good! EcoFemme is an India-based company that not only donates cloth pads to girls across India, but they also teach them how to make them!

4. To-Go Cups

Replace with: Reusable cups

In your zero-waste journey, you will come to learn that plastic isn't your greatest enemy. Single-use items are. Investing in good products that fit your style and make you happy is the best way to integrate items into your lifestyle.

Check out these uber-stylish KeepCups you can opt for these fantastic glass and cork cups or customize your own on their website!

5. Basic cleaning spray

Replace with: Vinegar and water

This is a switch that I was skeptical of at first because I am not the biggest fan of DIY projects. I decided to give this a recipe a go and I've been using it ever since. I boil water and add half of that to a glass spray bottle and then fill the other half with distilled white vinegar!

What I also like to do is go to The Naked Shop in Paris. They sell zero-waste and refillable products, my favorite being the rose kitchen cleaning spray. You go in fill up your reusable bottle and voila.

6. Razors

Replace with: safety razor

This swap is non-brainer. The only difference between this and a disposable razor is there is no plastic and recycling the razor is easy. Look into your local recycling program to see how to properly dispose of your stainless steel blades! Safety razors are pretty widely available, but in case you want a suggestion, take a look at Albatross.

7. Plastic containers

Replace with: Glass / stainless steel

Lunch at the office has never looked better. Extremely versatile, you can use them as take-out containers, meal prep or leftovers. Stainless steel lunchboxes are microwave friendly and are the perfect companion for your fridge. Say goodbye to plastic containers. I found EcoLunchBoxes, a brand that sells a large variety of stainless steel containers. My personal favorite is the Wet Box, which keeps any unwanted spills from ruining your bag.

8. Plastic Water Bottle

Replace with: Glass / stainless steel

What better way to show off your style than with a water bottle. I personally have two sizes for my water bottles. The first one is a smaller one that I keep with me in my purse or bring to work. The second is a large one for working out or travel. The only problem is that you need to be mindful of the design that you buy because it's a little too easy to want to collect them all! Chilly's Bottles are stainless steel bottles that come in a wide variety of colors and patterns.

9. Phone Case

Replace with: Compostable case

This swap is one of my favorites because when you are done with your phone case / get a new phone you can compost your case! Pela Case is the brand that has caught my eye and they come out with new designs regularly.

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