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Seasonal Fruit and Vegetable Spring Guide

Updated: Apr 18, 2020

Ready to get cracking? Here is a quick spring fruit and vegetable guide to help you at your next grocery trip.

Shopping for fruits and vegetables that are in season are fresher, less traveled, and nutrition-packed. Bonus points if you also shop locally. The thing about fruits and vegetables that are not in season where you are, means that they have to travel from a place where they are. The travel time alone will be enough to reduce flavor and freshness. Another additional benefit is changing up recipes! By choosing new vegetables and fruit every season you can choose dishes that complement the season you are in, talk about being current. Love this guide and want some easy recipes to start? Check out my 9 spring recipes post for some photo-worthy inspiration.

Consult this list next time you go to the store, see what delicious recipes you can come up with. And what you all have been waiting for, the guide to seasonal produce:


  1. Artichoke

  2. Arugula

  3. Asparagus

  4. Beets

  5. Carrots

  6. Fennel

  7. Leeks

  8. Spring onions

  9. Peas

  10. Rhubarb

  11. Scallions

  12. Spinach

  13. Turnips


  1. Apricot

  2. Avocado

  3. Cherries

  4. Grapefruit

  5. Kiwis

  6. Lemons

  7. Mango

  8. Navel oranges

  9. Pineapple

  10. Strawberries

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