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Sustainable Shopping Guide: Top 8 Paris

Updated: Nov 2, 2020

You're in the shopping capital of the world, so let's find out how to take it sustainable.

Navigating the Parisian urban jungle as a sustainably-minded individual is not as hard as it may seem. The city is full of hidden gems that align with your values, so what are you waiting for? Grab a vélo and explore.


This shop will always have a place in my heart. While being a flaneur with a dear friend of mine, we found Ekyog. Founded in 2003, this ethical brand focuses on non-toxic, sustainable clothing that is timeless and sophisticated. Talk about getting wear out of a single item!

Several locations around Paris


If you have spent any amount of time in France, you probably have noticed the Parisians rocking sneakers with a letter V on the side (not for vendetta). These trendy sneakers are from Veja, the sustainable and vegan shoe brand. Made from rubber in the Amazon, Veja is bringing sustainable to the everyday.

Centre Commercial

Brought to you from the creators of Veja, Centre Commercial is a concept store in the heart of Paris that marries sustainable and social based approach. This shop combines several brands and designers that all follow the Centre Commercial value.

Several locations around Paris


Altermundi is a hub for the eco-conscious lifestyle. You can find a range of products from shoes to hats. While this store isn't all clothing, it is still a great place to find new eco-friendly items. Or better yet, shop for items you may have left at home or grab refills.

Multiple Parisian locations


Their motto: we work with our hands, our spirit and our heart. What is unique about Misericordia is the influence from Peru. Their focus is on the craftsmanship of their clothing emphasizing who is behind each piece. A refined minimalist style, these pieces fit easily into an already existing wardrobe.

Two Paris locations and one Lima location


A French brand that considers even their boutique an opportunity to showcase their sustainable outlook. As they write on their website, Sessun calls upon craftsmen to create their boutiques. You can see the dreamy Southern French influence when you look through the website, this pays homage to the city the brand was founded: Marseille.

Find a location


Sézane is a French-based brand that is bringing the French savoir faire of fashion into the realm of environmental and philanthropical causes. You can find their sustainability program on their website, which highlights some key facts about their efforts. At the moment, besides making long-lasting pieces, 70% of their clothing is made with environmentally friendly materials.

Find a store in Paris

Jours à Venir

A brand that highlights three values: transparency, respect and protect the environment, create a story for each item. Made in France, Jours à Venir was founded by two friends in Grenoble. Each clothing piece has an explanation of where it was designed, created and sourced.

Check out their Montmarte Boutique

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